Monday, 22 April 2013

My top tips for revision!


It really is a lovely day today in Portsmouth (which makes a change) however I'm unfortunately busy revising for my exams in a few weeks! Anyone who's taken an assessment, be it for GCSE's, at A-level or, like me, at university level, you will understand how stressful and worrying it can be! Trying to cram EVERYTHING in without wanting to pull your hair out is definitely a difficult task to manage. We've all had that experience of that daunting feeling three weeks before your first exam when you suddenly panic and think; "Wow, I actually know nothing about this subject". It's very common and although it's not the most encouraging thought, it can be turned around with perseverance! 

So, here are my five top tips for revision to hopefully help you on your way...

1).How to revise...
Ok, so there isn't actually a perfect way to revise, this is because we are all different! My best advice is do whats best for you, think about the best way you remember things. Do you learn best from 'mind maps'?
(If you don't know what mind maps are, I'm pretty sure another word for them is 'Spider-diagram'?)..Do you benefit from visual aids such as pictures? Or do you enjoy reading through notes and simplifying them? From experience and at the moment during my preparation for exams in May, I find I learn best with a variety of things. Reading a book and highlighting is not the way forward! 

- Make a revision plan/timetable. This is key to being prepared!

- Make revision cards to test yourself
- Revise to music if it helps you. Although most research shows classical music is most efficient, choose the music you can relax to
- Test yourself with a friend or a family member. This helps me SO much, being able to recall things again makes sure that everything is staying in your brain!
- Take full advantage of revision guides, lessons and notes
- Incorporate colour into revision. Sounds odd BUT it acts as a good visual aid and sometimes triggers your memory in exams! 
- Go over previous exam papers if you can

2).Where to revise...
This might sound like a silly thing to talk about but changing the location of your revision spot helps ALOT! 
- Find a quiet and well lit place to study
- Avoid being near computers and television if you can, social networking sites are such a distraction! 
- Have everything you will need for revision there before you start. The amount of times I've had to get up mid-way to find a highlighter is ridiculous!

3).Don't leave it till the last minute!..
I am such a victim of this. Many of my exam preparations in the past have consisted of me screaming and crying the week before my exams, trying to learn things from scratch. It's not efficient and certainly not good for your health! Leave enough time to get everything done and still have time to enjoy yourself on the odd day. 

We all have to have a break! 

4).Do not panic!..
Easy to say, hard not to do, I know. But if you prepare and keep calm you will feel so much better about your exams. They aren't pleasant things to do but there is always a way around them. Drink plenty of fluids, get enough sleep and avoid lots of caffeine! 

You control the way you prepare for exams! Just keep positive!

5).Try your best!...
At the time it may seem like the end of the world if you do not get the grade you wanted or needed. I've had that problem as many do. But what you have to remember is that there is always another way to do things. If you have to retake an exam, retake it and be more prepared then the first time. From past experience, I remember taking an A-level exam for History, I got a D on my first attempt, retook the exam in the summer and got an A! 

You can only try your best and nobody can then accuse you of not trying hard enough.

So there it is, quite a long winded blog but very necessary for anyone going through the same thing I am! I really hope this helps you in some sort of way (so sorry if it doesn't!!) 

Good luck!
Grace xx


  1. I have two maths exam coming up. 11/4 and on the 14/4,

    make sure to check out my blog for more great stuff!

  2. so helpful, thanks for that <3

    1. No problem! Hope it helps & thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! <3

  3. great tips girl, i have my exams coming up in university, these comes in handy, sometimes it can be so stressful ;)X

    1. Hope it helps & good luck! Totally stressing out as well so I know how you feel! x