Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Disney delights!

To say I like Disney would be an understatement. I LOVE Disney. I'm not even ashamed to say it! My two lovely friends recently visited Disneyland Paris for the day and decided to be very cheeky and buy me some presents....

Inside the bag I found a really amazing silicone cake mold in the shape of Minnie Mouse. I'm pretty into my baking so I'm very excited to use this, I'm thinking this would be perfect for a sandwich cake! (Also, the fact it's Disney just makes it 10x better in my opinion!)

(Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, my light-bulb decided to go just before I took them!) The mold itself is not large but it's a good medium size and I think it's a great idea for individual cakes! The fact it is silicone will also be interesting to use, my past experience with silicone cake molds have been good so hoping it turns out well!

To go with the theme of baking, the second present was a really lovely oven mitt! It's really well padded inside so it's very unlikely that an accident can occur with these on! I am ALWAYS burning my hands when taking things out of the oven, a complete clutz, so this is both practical and lovely to look at!

Really happy with my presents and cannot wait to use them both! I'll put up an image of how the cake turned out using the mold soon! 

Grace xx